2013 Blog Round Up

2013 round up 2013 Blog Round Up

2013 was all about gamification and loyalty for me. It saw some massive highlights as well, with trips to Portugal and Madrid to do talks as well as meeting a few great people (and a hero or two!).

It was also the year that gave birth to my Gamification User Types, the work I am most proud of so far!

So here is a round up of everything I wrote this year!

Thin Layer vs Deep Level Gamification

Posted on December 23, 2013With it nearly being Christmas, I thought I would put out one more blog post before the traditional years round up! This time I want to look at a concept I have been talking about for a while, but have never really explained properly. Thin Layer and Deep Level gamification. Thin Layer Gamification This covers… More…Posted in Gamification Read More ...