10 Years of HEXAD

Well, I just realised that I may have missed the 10-year anniversary of the HEXAD!! (Try the new 12 question quiz!!)

I think I actually created the HEXAD in 2013 – but it is a bit fluffy as it went through so many iterations before the HEXAD was finalised! Below you can see some of the evolution. There was much more than this of course.

One of the things building this taught me was that you are not always right! I too many missteps and had a lot of help. Richard Bartle, Amy Jo Kim and Nicole Lazaro all gave me loads and loads of help as I developed the types.

Since then, they have taken on a life of their own, thanks in no small part to Gustavo Tondello and Lennart Nacke whose work on validation of my User Types quiz skyrocketed the popularity of the HEXAD.

Today the HEXAD has been used in hundreds of projects and research papers, something I never ever dreamed of and something that makes me incredibly proud.

18,000 results!?

So – happy 10th birthday (ish) to the User Types HEXAD and here is to the next 10 years!

Thank you everyone – I love you all.

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