Using RAMP to keep kids learning during lockdown

Learning 1585304534 Using RAMP to keep kids learning during lockdown

This week Motivait published a blog I wrote all about using RAMP to help managers keep employees engage and motivated during these odd times of forced home working. (Click here as you may find it really useful if you run any teams!)

It got me thinking about my children’s current situation of having to learn remotely. So, based on current experience and the aforementioned blog, here are some tips on using RAMP to help your kids stay engaged and motivated during home-based learning.

Setting the Scene

I have two kids who are currently at home doing school work, 8 and 12. They both have totally different learning styles, needs and of course work to do. The 8-year-old is normally very task-focused with a need for total control of her environment and rigorous routines. The 12-year-old is totally different with some significant learning/processing difficulties in the form of dyslexia and dyscalculia. Read More ...