Ecommerce: The Nexus of Delight & Retail Optimisation Mechanics

Nexus of delight 3 Ecommerce The Nexus of Delight amp Retail Optimisation Mechanics

Gamification has been a huge focus of my life, but the last few years have seen me change my career quite dramatically. I find myself in a role that no longer revolves around using game mechanics and the like.  Instead, I am focused on improving online retail experiences through testing, optimisation, personalisation, merchandising and so on.

Whilst gamification may seem a million miles away from this, there is actually very little difference. They are both focused on behavioural change – they just use different mechanics. Read More ...

Gamification: Is Loyalty Going Wrong?

JTP4lm03tJzbYcJvHOYV 907kf Gamification Is Loyalty Going Wrong

This article is interesting, as it shows consumer groups are converned about loyalty schemes in retail that use challenges to encourage more spending.

Consumer groups have raised concerns over new “challenges” introduced by major UK supermarkets, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, and Morrisons, that reward shoppers with extra loyalty points for increased spending. These challenges, part of increasingly sophisticated loyalty card schemes, could potentially lead to overspending. While supermarkets claim these schemes offer better value and personalised savings, consumer group Which? and debt charity StepChange warn they could encourage people to spend beyond their means. The caution comes amidst rising food prices and the average person holding loyalty cards for three different supermarkets. Read More ...

Gamified Putting: Level Up Your Disc Golf Practice

1713622631405 Gamified Putting Level Up Your Disc Golf Practice

Today we have a guest post from a colleague of mine,  who has been thinking about how to use gamification to help make putting practice for Disc Golf a bit more fun! Check out his profile at the end.

Disc golf putting can feel like a grind.  But what if you could ditch the repetitive drills and turn practice into a game?  This article explores gamification, a technique that injects fun and competition into your putting routine.  Learn how to design personalised putting games, using apps to enhance your practice, and even spice up tournaments.  Get ready to transform your putting practice and sink more putts! Read More ...

Living with Ludic Purpose: More Than Just a Game

Simplicity Ludic Living with Ludic Purpose More Than Just a Game

Recently I have spoken a lot about Ludic Spirit and of course my most recent re-obsession “Perfection in Simplicity” It will come as no surprise then that these two philosophies can be linked together into one over arching philosophy.

But first, let’s just break down the key concepts from each philosophy individually.

  1. Perfection in Simplicity:
    1. True excellence often resides in stripping away unnecessary complexities and focusing on the core elements.
    1. Rather than over-engineering, we enhance this core with elements that genuinely improve it.
    1. The elegance of simplicity lies in its ability to reveal the essence without distractions.
    The Power of Simplicity in Engagement:
    1. We often fall into the trap of believing that fanciness is essential for engagement.
    1. However, consider what truly captures attention: games like Minecraft or Roblox rely on simple mechanics, not excessive embellishments.
    1. While elaborate features might attract initially, it’s the core, engaging mechanics that keep users hooked over the long term.
    The Ludic Spirit: Embracing Playfulness:
    1. The term “Ludic Spirit” embodies a playful approach to life.
    1. It encourages finding creativity and joy in the simplest of things.
    1. Breaking free from routine, it fosters stronger social bonds and a more positive outlook.
    Importance of Play in Learning and Work:
    1. Play is not just for children—it’s crucial for development at any age.
    1. It allows for experimentation and learning in a safe environment.
    1. Unfortunately, the fear of failure often stifles exploration and innovation in serious environments like work.
    1. To counter this, we can create “safe spaces”—such as development environments—where people can experiment freely without fear of consequences.

    Combining Perfection in Simplicity with Ludic Spirit

    If we combine all of this, we can create a simple philosophy for life, work, design and so much more.

    “Seek Balance Through Simplicity and Ludic Purpose”

    This philosophy encourages a way of life that finds fulfillment by combining three key elements: Read More ...

Perfection in Simplicity – My Revised Motto (and how to apply it)!

Copy of Black and Beige Simple Minimalist Sweets Circle Logo 1 Perfection in Simplicity 8211 My Revised Motto and how to apply it

I’ve had a motto for many years, dating back to my clan-running gaming days:

‘Simplicity is Perfection.’

It was intended as a philosophy for my gaming clan and also for my martial arts. The full quote was ‘Simplicity is Perfection, but perfection is never simple.’

It meant that we needed to strip back all the rubbish and keep it simple, be it tactics in Call of Duty, martial arts techniques, or even my day-to-day work as a web designer.

A Change Cometh

Now, many years later, I realize this wasn’t really the right way to phrase the motto. It implies that there can be no perfection in complexity, which is, of course, not true. Read More ...