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Andrzej headshotHi. My name is Andrzej Marczewski. I have been a web developer since around 2000, a slight detour from my degree in Biomedical Science! I have worked in most areas of web design, from the public sector to small businesses to large enterprises. These days though, I am a gamification consultant and designer – a dream come true!

My true passion has always been gaming – and guitar, but gaming mostly! I was introduced to video games very young as my Dad was a fan (with is Apple II and our Acetronic MTU 1000!). This eventually lead me to starting Yet Another Review Site as a way to talk about games, review them and encourage others to do the same.

In about 2011, this passion lead to me discovering Gamification and becoming fascinated with the possibilities it had. Merging my love of games and developer mind with my business and enterprise background, it was the perfect fit. Since then I have written about gamification every week on this blog, written the book Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play and done talks in the UK and abroad.

I feel privileged to now be considered as a gamification thought leader and expert.

If you want advice, consulting work, a speaker or just a chat, you can get hold of me using the contact form or any of the social media buttons on the right. Your best bet might be Twitter though! @daverage


33_Easter_Eggs_iconOn the site you will see icons relating to User Types and Mechanics / Elements – especially with the Inspiration Cards.

Most of these icons are under the CC3 License and were found on game-icons.net

Below is accreditation for all the creators whose icons I have used

Rating: 3.7/5. From 3 votes.
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