NightCafe: A Great Example of Using Points

26pMHtZXG8wh8m5lR9Po 1 andmn 6x 1 NightCafe A Great Example of Using Points

Points and gamification have a love-hate relationship – especially when you are talking about using points to incentivize creative endeavors over rote tasks.

I am not artistic, in any way shape, or form. However, the advent of AI-based art means that I have a way to get the images in my head onto a virtual canvas by doing something I am good at – talking. As long as I am descriptive enough, I can bend AI to my will (ish) and create the things that are in my head finally.

I’ve tried loads of sites to create are, but I keep coming back to NightCafe, not because it is the best, but because it is the one that offers me the best chance to create what I am thinking about and has some fun thrown it. Let me explain. Read More ...

HEXAD 12 – The New and Improved HEXAD User Type Test!

Hexadnew HEXAD 12 8211 The New and Improved HEXAD User Type Test

This is so cool. I am absolutely thrilled to announce the first big update to the HEXAD User Type Test in a very long time!

There is new and improved version of the test that works from half the question and is just as, if not more, accurate than before.

Developed by Jeanine Krath, Maximilian Altmeyer, Gustavo F. Tondello and Lennart E. Nacke, you can read the full paper here – HEXAD 12. Gustavo will also be releasing a blog on it soon.

This will slowly start to replace the old version, but you can go an get your HEXAD User Type now – Read More ...

Treasure Hunts – My Favorite Swiss Army Knife of Gamification

Fk9r2ec5bsi Treasure Hunts 8211 My Favorite Swiss Army Knife of Gamification

I’ve always loved treasure hunts. One of my fondest memories was of my parents creating a huge treasure hunt around the local neighborhood for my birthday party. Each item you found had a clue to the next item. It could be at a friend’s house, under a rock, up a tree – all sorts. It was fun and kept us all entertained for a few hours – and it stuck with me.

It stuck with me for many reasons, and it was not until recently I realized what some of them were and why I so often recommend them to clients as a way to engage their customers and users. Read More ...

Andrzej & Roman Show Season 2 – Now with Video!

Thumbnail s2e01 Andrzej 038 Roman Show Season 2 8211 Now with Video

I am so excited about this!!

We are back, finally, and this time – you can see us 😀

In Episode 1 we are talking about Gamification, AI and all things related – I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Here is the transcript

Roman & Andrzej Show – AI and Gamification

Andrzej: Well, hello to a very, very late New Year episode of the AJ and Romans show. Now, with video, if you’re listening to this on the podcast, there is video as well, but you

Roman: Yeah, you are missing a lot. Two. Two. Amazing looking guys. But yeah,

Andrzej: I mean, you know, if who, who wouldn’t wanna spend time looking at us to, um, Read More ...

The 8 Pillars of Playful Design

8 pillars of playful design banner The 8 Pillars of Playful Design

I’ve messed around with formalising a way to introduce play into experiences in the past, but this is the first time I have tried to plot out the key features of playful experiences in a way that becomes replicable in some way.

First, it is really important to understand what I mean by Play and Playful!


Play is free form and unlike a game does not need to have a point or a goal to it. It exists within a set of rules created by the person or people playing and is born in the imagination.  Often it is a way of exploring the boundaries and extremes of something, in search of new and novel experiences.  It is undertaken for its own sake often for fun and joy. To quote myself (!!) Read More ...