Introduction to Gamification Part 6: The User Journey

Intro to Gamification Part 6 Introduction to Gamification Part 6 The User Journey

In the last chapter, we looked at goals and feedback. To follow on from this, I wanted to look at how you should plan feedback and rewards, based on the user’s expectations. However, to start, we need to look at the User Journey, which is a chapter on its own!

What is a User Journey?

In our world, the user journey is the series of steps that a user takes whilst engaged with your solutions. I break it down into four key stages. Discovery, OnBoarding, Immersion and Mastery/Replay. Ok, so that is more like 4 1/2 steps… Read More ...

A Revised Gamification Design Framework

I have created various gamification design frameworks over the years and this is the latest.

It consists of three main phases; Define, Design / Build and Refine. Each phase contains iterative steps to consider as you build your solution.

Big thanks to Roberto M. Alvarez Bucholska for being a great sounding board for some of this!!


The discovery phase is all about unearthing the real problem that needs solving and then understanding more about the people you are solving it for. It consists of three mains steps. Read More ...

Combining the Gamification User Journey, Action / Feedback Loops and the Spiral to Mastery

Ok, so a pretty long title there, but stay with me.

I have been trying out making a couple of videos to augment the blog a little. The first one was to introduce a new version of my activity loops idea from a few years ago. The second was to talk about how that fits together with the new Gamification User Journey and a new-ish idea around spirals and mastery… you need to watch the video to get more about that one!

Activity / Feedback Loops

First off, can anyone think of a nice little name for this, something catchy? Also, can anyone make a nicer looking version (Bernardo, I’m looking at you dude!!). Read More ...

Gamification User Journey Framework

As ever, I look at all my work and try to evolve it over time. This time it is the turn of the EEEE User Journey framework. There is nothing wrong with it in concept, I just feel that I want to add to it!

If you will remember it consisted of four phases. Enrol, Enthuse, Engage and End Game / Endear.

Now, I have started to view it slightly differently! It’s my prerogative ok! So now we start with Discover (yes I know the likes of Yu Kai and Amy Jo have done this), followed by On-Board, Immerse, Master and finally Replay Read More ...

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