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A while back, I did a talk at Gamification World Congress 2013 and introduced what I called the Employer Promise.

Employer promise Employer Values


Well, I have thought about it over the months and decided that there is more to it. A set of values that both employer and employee should be able to promise.

  • Fairness
  • Recognition
  • Community
  • Progression
  • Freedom
  • Pride

The employer should treat the employee fairly, they should trust them and should pay them fairly. In return the employee should trust their employer and behave in a way that reciprocates their fair treatment.

Employees should be recognised for their efforts, not just financially. The employer should set targets, which whilst challenging, should be achievable. Aiming for excellence is fine, but a job well done should be recognised, not just seen as business as usual.  No matter how small the job the person is doing, it is all part of what makes the company what it is and they should be made to feel that. The employee should recognise that efforts the company makes and behave in a way that helps promote the company and strengthen its brand.

A company is made up of lots of people. Whilst they are all individuals and bring unique skills to the table, they are all part of one community. In our digital and connected world, the employer should be provide the tools to help drive the community. This helps build relationships, foster a feeling of being a real team as well as provide potential solutions that would not otherwise be possible! This comes with a level of implied trust that the employee should respect.

No one likes to stagnate. The role a person is in should not only challenge them, but grow with them. They should understand what the path of progression is for them, what options are available to them for training as well as promotion. The employee should push and challenge themselves. The culture should allow the employee to feel they can also challenge their leaders and carve their own path in the company.

Employers tend to employ people because they know they will be good at their job. This being the case, they should allow the employee the freedom to do the job the best way they can (within company rules!). This goes for development and progression as well, there should not be a need for glass ceilings these days. Employers should provide the means to allow their employees develop they way they need to and not be afraid of that. Again, the employer must be able to trust the employees not to abuse this freedom.

Above all, employees should be able to feel pride in the company they work for. On the flip side of this, the employer / company should feel proud of their employees. Their employees are the ambassadors of the company, more so now than ever with social media.

The key word that comes up here over and over is trust. I have not included that as a value because it is implied in every other value. Without trust, there is nothing!

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4 thoughts on “Employer Values”

  1. Makes perfectly sense. I am lucky to work under these conditions, but if we all want to be so fortunate, it’s important that the company leaders around the world discover the importance of trust, freedom, respect, recognition and the possibility of progression.
    Thanks for doing your part 🙂


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