Gamification: A thought for those who don’t want it.

One of the blockers for gamification is often staff feeling insulted in some way by it. Whether it is because they feel the money could have been better spent, that the concept is beneath them or just that they are resistant to any change at all.

It is true that gamification is often used in enterprise when someone feels there is a need to increase productivity in some way. That may be by using metrics delivered from a gamified environment to map pain points, or areas where there could be productivity increases. It could be by improving the training materials, or making them more palatable. The point is, these are all things that employees have to buy into for them to work.

If you are one of those people, I have a thought. Maybe your employer is actually invested in you and your happiness. Bear with me. Sometimes there are activities at work that just have to be done. There is no way to get around it. Like death and taxes, there will always be mandatory learning. There will always be sales tracking. There will always be reviews and so on. The fact that your employer has opted to add gamification to these otherwise soul-crushing experiences should show you that they care! Whilst they know you have to do these things, rather than trying to implement sanctions against you for not doing them, they have decided to try and make it more bearable for you.

Just a thought.

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