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Recently I had the opportunity to record an interview about gamification for the Product Gamification Summit. This is an online event with free and paid options that contains interviews with about 30 experts in product creation, gamification and monetization.

You will get to see favorites of mine like Amy Jo Kim, Nir Eyal, Roman Rackwitz, Michael Wu, Yu Kai Chou, An Coppens and so many more! Hell, I can’t wait to watch some of them myself 🙂

If that sounds interesting, click on the following link to register. In the spirit of openness, this is an affiliate link that all speakers will have, so you may see a few emails and blog posts le this asking you to sign up from various speakers!


Here is a bit more info for you to get your teeth into.

If you find yourself identifying with any of these categories, then you will definitely learn A LOT at this event

  • You want to create a highly engaging experience for your audience
  • You want to build a ground-breaking product that people really crave for (even if you‘re starting from scratch)
  • You want to feel confident and STAND OUT powerfully from the Billion+ products when you launch your product
  • You want a steady stream of high paying ideal clients
  • You want to grow your profits by repeated sales and viral word of mouth referrals
  • You want to create a long term engagement for your customers in your business
  • You want to keep your clients engaged, motivated and getting results from the first day with your product
  • You want to design an experience around your product (that clients would LOVE it)
  • You want to have a fun and innovative business that prompts you to realize your awesome ideas and live a full color life that you always wanted

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