The Ludic Spirit Player Type Quiz

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So here I am again. Another player type categorisation another quiz 🙂

The Ludic Player Type Quiz

It’s a simple 10-question quiz and at the end of it you will be given one or more player types and a nice little image like this

Just as a reminder, the player types are

  • Adventurer: These individuals embody curiosity and a thirst for discovery. They find excitement in pushing boundaries and uncovering what lies beyond. Their fearless exploration enriches their lives with new experiences and perspectives.
  • Creator: Creators thrive on imagination and the act of making. Whether it’s building worlds, crafting stories, or expressing themselves through art, they find fulfillment in bringing new creations to life. Their creativity fuels the imaginations of others and inspires awe and wonder.
  • Actor: Actors breathe life into the creations of others, infusing them with personality and depth. Through role-play and imaginative storytelling, they immerse themselves in new worlds and experiences, enriching the play for themselves and those around them.
  • Learner: Learners approach play as a means of growth and self-improvement. They eagerly seek out new challenges and opportunities to expand their skills and knowledge. Every game or activity becomes a chance to learn and develop, making them constantly evolve and adapt.
  • Anarchist: Anarchists disrupt the status quo and challenge conventional norms. While their chaotic tendencies may seem unpredictable, they bring a sense of spontaneity and unpredictability to the play. Though they may sometimes upset the balance, they also inject a sense of excitement and novelty into the experience.
  • Read More ...

    AM Guitar Merch Shop

    How do all. You may know that I have a YouTube Channel – AM Guitar

    I have started an Etsy Shop now for a bit of fun. Not just AM Guitar Merch, but all the profits go to supporting the channel.

    If you are interested, head to and take a look around. I’ll be adding more products as I get feedback or think of more!

    Let me know if you want any Gamified UK merch up there as well 🙂

    Discovering the Game-Changing Power of ChatGPT!

    I caved and tried ChatGPT and my good god it is game changing! Just Wow!!!

    Can it Code?

    I started with simple stuff, but quickly moved on to asking for some really specific responses. First – I asked it to create a Javascript that waited for an element to exist on a page. It delivered. I then asked if it would optimise the code for me. It did. I then asked it to create a web page that documented the function and had a functional demo on the page. ChatGPT delivered.

    I then tweaked some of the styles and a little bit of code to my taste, but again, I asked the AI to help. I ended up with this page – Read More ...

    AMP, iAMP or AIM – You Decide!

    My latest post about setting goals got a little conversation going with my good friend Bernardo Letayf of BLUErabbit

    He was saying that it made more sense for my new AMP Goal Setting framework (Achievable, Measurable, Progressible Goals) should be AIM – Achievable, Incremental, Measurable, because I talk a lot about Incrementally Achievable goals in the post. Now, as it happens I had considered this, but I was really wanting to push the idea of progress as well. So what do you think?

    • AMP – Achievable, Measurable, Progressible goals
    • AIM – Achievable Incremental, Measurable goals
    • iAMP – Incrementally Achievable, Measurable, Progressible goals

    I actually like iAMP truth be told – very early 2000s 🙂 Read More ...

    Gamification, RAMP and Christmas

    Christmas is almost on us and it feels like a great reminder (again) about the dangers of Over Justification Effect!

    Whatever your beliefs, it is easy to get wrapped up in one aspect of Christmas – getting presents. It seems that to some it is a right for surviving another year, their reward for not going postal, a pat on the back for being a decent human.

    However, those are the extrinsic rewards that hook us into Christmas. They are not the real meaning of Christmas. Consider it from a RAMP perspective. Read More ...

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