Will I buy an iphone 4?

Will I buy an iphone 4?

I am definitely looking at it. I was all set to but a desire, but iphone 4 just seems to push me over to the dark side. I am not an Apple fan at all and have avoided iphone for a long while, despite most of my friends and colleagues having them. But times move on and so it would seem does the iphone.

So what has turned me? Does it have any exciting new features that no other phone has? Erm.. not really. Is it the best looking on the market? Possibly. Has Steve Jobs eaten my soul? No in fact he was one of the main reasons I was not wanting one!! Read More ...

Stop telling me that Twitter is pointless.

1196217 69655227 e1369641656752 Stop telling me that Twitter is pointless

I am getting very fed up of reading about how I should be using, or should not be using, Twitter.

When Twitter started it posed one simpled question. “What are you doing?”

The answer to this question is often mundane. I am eating my breakfast. This appears to upset a lot of people. They seem to think that Twitter should have some productive value. It should help the world in some way. But why?

What is wrong with something, that on the face of it, is pointless. Just look at Paris Hilton. She has no use what so ever, yet millions of people still tune in to watch her latest reality show.So this may be the latest fad, like Facebook before it and Myspace before that.

But is Twitter really of no use, even when taken at its literal use? Well no. Some people may in fact be interested in me eating my breakfast. And so what? If you are not interested, don’t follow me! Read More ...