Accenture makes a move I was talking about in 2013

Employer promise Accenture makes a move I was talking about in 2013

So a big bit of news in the consulting world is that Accenture has got rid of its annual performance reviews and rankings. This has had some level of fanfare as innovative and exciting. They of course are not alone. Deloitte is looking at doing the same thing and as the article says about 6% of the Fortune 500 have already done it.

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Gamification Examples and Case Studies

Image004 Gamification Examples and Case Studies

Firstly and apology. This is just a copy of a chapter in my book (Gamification a Simple Introduction). I had meant to post this some time ago, but have been saving it for a day such as today. At the moment I am research a little for my next proper article as well as trying to do the next tutorial video! So, some may find this interesting, others may have already seen it!

Examples and Case Studies

What follows are a few examples of gamification in use in the real world.  There are many, many more – just search Google for gamification case studies! However, these should give you an idea how some of the largest companies in the world are making use of gamification. Read More ...