The Gamified UK Full Package – Over £50 worth of gamification content and tools for just £15!

Collage The Gamified UK Full Package Over 50 worth of gamification content and tools for just 15

Over £50 worth of gamification content and tools for just £15! These are the tools I have been using for years!

This bundle includes all of my premium content.  Even Ninja Monkeys Unicorn Edition eBook (which contains some content, not in the normal retail versions), Gamification and Solution Design Lenses, Inspiration Cards and my Gamification Framework Design Toolkit

With this, you will be able to learn all about gamification, what it is, where it comes from and how to apply it in real life. You will have the tools to plan your gamified solutions and get a headstart in building them. You will also be able to run user workshops to help gather the information that could be vital to the success of your solutions, all explained clearly and with supporting cards. Read More ...

New Solution & Gamification Design Lenses Card Deck

For the first time in a while, I have a sort of new product for you! The Solution & Gamification Design Lenses Card Deck!

Basically it is a series of cards that contain questions related to various frameworks I use in my life as a solution designer. They cover ground from the User Type HEXAD, to the COM-B behaviour change model and lots in between – including the “What’s the worst that could happen” card!

Available through DriveThruCards, they come as a deck of 44 cards – which is actually 2 decks of the 22 cards, just to try and make them better value for you. I am also providing a downloadable deck for you if you want that instead.

Buy Them!

The link to the physical cards is

You can get the download and print deck from here [purchase_link id=”8718″ style=”plain” color=”” text=”£10 Download Buy Now!” direct=”true”]


Getting Into Gamification

[purchase_link id=”6616″ style=”plain” color=”” text=”Buy the Bundle” direct=”true”]A question that is often asked, is “How do I get into Gamification?”

First off, don’t go my route – it was long and painful!

However, there are things I did that will help you to get into it all and get a great understanding of what gamification is all about.

Get a book on gamification. I, of course, recommend my one,

  • Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play, but there are others you should check out.
  • For the Win by Kevin Werbach. This book accompanies his online course, which I will mention in a bit, but it is one of the most practical approaches to gamification design I have seen.
  • eXPlore Like A Pirate. If you are in education, I recommend Michael Matera’s great practical book.
  • On the Education note, I also recommend everything by Karl Kapp
  • Read More ...

    Gamification Design Toolkit + Inspiration Card (Download) just £17

    Hey there you lovely people.

    The downloadable version of my cards has been very popular, so I am now officially bundling them in with the Gamification Tool Kit for £17 (rather than £20 for the two)

    The downloadable version includes an 8 to an A4 page formatted set of the cards as well as all of the cards as individual PNG files (52 cards).

    Now, as this essentially does me out of repeat purchases of lots of cards for people’s workshops, the price is a little higher than I would normally do, well I say high, the same as buying a single deck of the printed cards (without postage!!))

    Enough chatter, here is the link to get your copy now!

    [purchase_link id=”6616″ style=”button” color=”blue” text=”Buy the Bundle” direct=”true”]

    Oh, it is worth noting, this has a few new cards compared to the physical deck – I will update the physical deck soon!