Self Importance and Ego in the Era of Gurus

Ego 1551718426 Self Importance and Ego in the Era of Gurus

Just a quick one (yeah another quick one) whilst I finish off the reward schedule chapter of my Introduction to Gamification series!

I was recently doing a series of talks which gave me reason to pause and reflect a little on my position in the world of gamification.

I have been around for a while in relation to a young industry, since about 2011. That puts me in a position to have been actually at the leading edge of the growth of the industry along with a few other highly notable people. Many of them are still around, some have moved on to greener or newer pastures. Read More ...

Speaking at Gamification Europe 2017

Gamificationeurope2017logo 1 Speaking at Gamification Europe 2017

For those of you who are interested in gamification events and live in the UK or indeed Europe, November the 278h-29th should be pretty exciting for you. The first edition of Gamification Europe is happening in Brighton and the line-up is looking excellent! You will get to hear from the likes of Marigo Ruftopolous, Michael Wu, An Coppens and of course me!

If you want to attend the conference, you can register at the Gamification Europe website. Use the code GE25AM to get a 25% discount. Read More ...