The Flow Shift and Bounce

Flow shift The Flow Shift and Bounce

This is more a thought and possibly even a question to those who know more than me about the Flow concept.  I have spoken about Flow in the past and use it as a core principle to engaging long term design.

However, recently it occurred to me that long term exposure to extremes in frustration or boredom, could alter our perception of flow.

For instance, you spend months in the boredom phase. You have little to no challenge. It seems reasonable that you would need to boost the level of challenge to help improve engagement and in turn try and get closer to this idea of flow. Below is the “ideal” mix of skill and challenge as described in flow theory – only this time plotted against time. Read More ...

Career 2.0 Gamification of a Career – GWC Talk

Career game Career 2 0 Gamification of a Career 8211 GWC Talk

To start this week off, a written version of my presentation at Gamification World Congress earlier this year. There will be another post later this week on Game Thinking, but I wanted to give you something for your Monday morning gamification fix 🙂

Here is the full talk!

Career 1.0

The general flow of a career has remained unchanged for decades. The issue is that the workforce has changed dramatically, especially in the last ten years! What follows is a quick exploration of the current state of a career (Career 1.0) and then a look at how we can begin to improve things (Career 2.0) Read More ...