First Post – Thanks Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry is an interesting person.
For all his old world feel and image, educated and well spoken, he is
in fact a true technophile.

 I am a huge techy, but have never bothered much with a lot of the new
web services available.

 However I was playing with a new RSS service I was writing and decided
to look up Stephen Fry RSS feeds and got his Twitter feed.

 Now I am hooked. I have to read it when ever it updates, just to know
what this man is thinking at any time!

 I now have my own twitter ( and have
(thanks again to Stephen Fry) decided to try out posterous.

 So Mr Fry, I salute your techy ways and say thanks for a great laugh
this morning when I read your Viao / Vista tirade!!

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