As I sit here cold and fed up

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As I sit here cold and fed up, I find myself pondering how much we rely on modern convenience.

My boiler has packed up and I am currently boiling several pans and a kettle to try and fill my bath.  I have an electric fan heater that my Dad leant me warming the flat, and am covered in several blankets.

I now have the exciting prospect of spending more money than I have on a new boiler.  This will not only hurt the wallet but also my wife’s very nice Kitchen, which the Boiler calls home.

But what I am wondering is… how did we survive before Combi boilers!

My parents and their parents all used to fill baths with pans of boiled water and never complained, so why am I complaining.

Because modern convenience has made me soft.  I like the idea that if I turn a hot water tap on, I get instant hot water.  If I want a bath I want it to take 10 minutes to fill, not 2 hours of boiling pans and kettles!

Sill at least I have the A-Team to console me in my hours of need 🙂

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