Looking for some feedback

Hi all. No words of pseudo-wisdom this week, just looking for some feedback!

Last year I wrote an updated version of Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play called the Unicorn Edition.

It contains large updates to the content as well as 50 or so new pages.

Now, I sent this to a few publishers and have been spending many months working with one to get a proposal together. However, it looks like I will need to completely rewrite the book to fit their audience. No more monkeys or unicorns!

My question to you all is (and answer here or on twitter http://www.twitter.com/daverage), would you like me to release the Unicorn version on Amazon myself, or would you rather wait for the more “business” friendly version if/when it comes out?

Also, if you fancy being a beta reader for the current draught, just out of interest, let me know.

Thanks all!

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