After sales care is just as important as pre sales if you want repeat business.

I have just been trying to fix an issue with a delivery of a new PC, from a very large manufacturer, for my Father. I bought it online last week. It was a great experience. I spoke to a very helpful online assistant, who helped me answer all my questions and it went very smoothly indeed.

However, sadly I made a mistake in the delivery address. I mistyped the postcode. Now, this should not be the biggest problem in the world. You can still deliver to an address without one! This was not the case.

Instead I received an email. This email told me there was a problem with the address. Fair cop, how do I fix this I thought?

The instructions told me to hit reply and then fill in the table below. The only problem with that? I was using a plain text email client online. There was no table. So that was the first issue. After messing about with email clients and gmail accounts – I filled in the table and sent it back.

And that is the last I heard. I got no response – automated or otherwise – from the company, confirming that I had updated the delivery address.

So, I decided to call (after failing to find any other way to contact the order support team). A nice chap from somewhere in the world asked questions, ummed and ahhed and then told me that I would have to contact their delivery logistics company. But the name of this company was different from the one mentioned in online order tracking. However, I called the company (on an 0871 number of course) and pressed the right buttons on the phone at the right times, only to be told by a robot that I would need to get in touch with the manufacturers order support people. Brilliant, the exact same people who I had told me to call this number.

Whilst I had a seamless sales experience, my support experience has been terrible. The upshot being – I will never use this company again, all because their post sales support is so fractured and useless that I can’t even talk to a person about changing a delivery address.

Companies should consider that whilst sales are important, post sales relations and after sales care are just as important. Because they got this so wrong, I will not use them again. Not only that, I will never recommend them to anyone ever again. That in turn means those people will never recommend them to other people and so on and so forth.

Bad service does not just lose you a single customer, in this day and age of Social communication, it could loose you much much more!

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