Bath time blogging and walking on the moon.

Despite the title, this is actually about how amazing technology is and how much we take it for granted!

Right now, I am lying in my bath, typing this up on my iPhone. When I am finished, I will press publish on the WordPress app and moments later these words will become available to millions of people over the internet.
Whilst I am doing that I am also chatting to old friends over Meebo, Live communicator, Twitter and email.

Now, scrub that mental image from your mind and let the basic message sink in. We can communicate with friends and family and potentially connect with millions of other people all from a mobile device like a smart phone. Technology is amazing.

If we rewind just ten years, this would be almost impossible. I say almost. I could be lying here risking life and limb with a giant laptop on my knees, half a mile of telephone wire connected to my 56k modem updating my Geocities website for half a dozen people who may happen upon it via Yahoo!

Technology is all around us, it is an integral part of our lives and it is shaping the way we interact with the world. Use it to drive your business, your leisure and your lives. Take it for granted if you must, but never let yourself become so reliant on it that all of that falls apart should it no longer be available. Remember there was life before technology.

My mum told me about a man she met in the 60’s when she was a nurse. He was very old and very ill, however the words he said to her stuck with her all her life.
“When I was young all most people had were horses and carts. Since then I have lived to see a man walk on the moon and everything in between.”

With the speed at which technology is evolving, what do you think you will live to see?

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