Weight loss success and Social Media engagment

For me to lose weight and for increased social media engagment, there are certain things that need to be done. Reduce a few things, increase a few and add a few others.

In the case of me and weight loss;

I need to reduce the fatty foods I eat, increase the amount of healthy stuff I eat and the amount exercise I do and add enthusiasm and dedication to the cause.

And so it is With social media.

Reduce the amount of information just pushed to the audience, increase the involvement of the target audience and add enthusiasm and dedication to the cause.

Enthusiasm is far more important than many may think. If you feel that the person you are interacting with is actually enjoying what they are doing and believes in it, then your will be far more engaged with their cause.

However, for me to lose weight and you to improve your social media engagement we need to start at the exact same point. Get up and actually do it rather than spending all our time just planning and writing about it.

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