Why do you blog?

I know why I blog. Normally I like to write down the thoughts that are in my head. One day they may be of use to me. If they are of use to others then even better. At times I write because I think what I am writing may help to inform others. When I am doing this kind of writing, it is usually around a subject that I have good knowledge of, can speak about in an informed way and am passionate about.

And that is the real key for me. I write about things that I feel passionate about, well except for this. This is just writing about being passionate.. erm, anyway.

What I don’t do is blog for the express reason of being heard. I am not trying to pretend to be an expert in any of the subjects I talk about. Should you feel I am, that is your call.

I am trying to think if there is a point to this. Not sure there is. This is definitely in the writing to get my thoughts down category. I am sure there will be some who will feel I am being a hypocrite by writing this. To them I say, meh. I will wait to read your blog and see what you are.

If I was to have a point it would be this. Write about what you love!

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