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This is a total cop-out of an article. However, I would love to hear your versions! It all came about when listening to an advert for a kids show called the Dinosaur Train, where there is a song that teaches A-Z using the names of Dinosaurs!

On a side note, I will be speaking at Gamification World Congress in November. I was wondering if you had any thoughts on topics. I was considering a story about real loyalty, but if you want to hear about User Types again or anything else – let me know in the comments!

A. Autonomy
B. Badges
C. Challenge
D. Discovery
E. Exploration
F. Feedback
G. Game Mechanics
H. Habit
I. Innovation
J. Journey
K. Knowledge Management
L. Leaderboards
M. Mastery
N. Nudge
O. Over Justification Effect
P. Purpose
Q. Quest
R. Relatedness
S. Schedules
T. Theme
U. User Types
V. Virtual Economy
W. Win State
Y.  gen-Y (yeah I know!)
Z. Zombies

And for those interested, here is the Dinosaur Train A-Z!

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