Gamification Design Toolkit + Inspiration Card (Download) just £17

Hey there you lovely people.

The downloadable version of my cards has been very popular, so I am now officially bundling them in with the Gamification Tool Kit for £17 (rather than £20 for the two)

The downloadable version includes an 8 to an A4 page formatted set of the cards as well as all of the cards as individual PNG files (52 cards).

Now, as this essentially does me out of repeat purchases of lots of cards for people’s workshops, the price is a little higher than I would normally do, well I say high, the same as buying a single deck of the printed cards (without postage!!))

Enough chatter, here is the link to get your copy now!

[purchase_link id=”6616″ style=”button” color=”blue” text=”Buy the Bundle” direct=”true”]

Oh, it is worth noting, this has a few new cards compared to the physical deck – I will update the physical deck soon!

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