£19.99 #Gamification Bundle: Even Ninja Monkeys eBook, Cards and Design Toolkit

Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play: Unicorn Edition as a colour PDF, printable cards and the Gamification Toolkit for just £19.99!

Of course, I know lots of you have one or all of these in various formats, and I may offer the PDF version of my book separately at some point, but I wanted to give people the chance to get a good start into gamification in one bundle.

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Any issues, please email me andrzej[@]gamified.uk!!

Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play: Unicorn Edition

Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play: Unicorn Edition is the second edition of my gamification book. It aims to explain everything you need to get into gamification, including many of my frameworks (such as RAMP, HEXAD and more). It also includes deep analysis of what games and play are, to help you understand a little more about what it is that makes gamification so special and powerful in the modern world. This is the first time I have ever made it available as a full-colour PDF document.

Here is a free chapter on the use of narratives, just for you! How to Use Narrative to Create Deeper Experiences

Gamification Inspiration Cards

I designed the gamification inspiration cards some years ago now and have been updating them ever since. They represent many elements, mechanics and ideas that will help you with designing gamified experiences. They all include descriptions of what they are and what HEXAD user type they may best be used with.  The printable version included in this bundle includes a few improvements over the original pre-made deck I have available.

Colour deck 500x346 19 99 Gamification Bundle Even Ninja Monkeys eBook Cards and Design Toolkit
Some Gamification Cards

Gamification Design Toolkit

Following on from the success of the Gamification Journey Planner, I wanted to add more value. Based on my Gamification Design Framework (GDF).

This is a download only toolkit, ready for you to print when you want.

This toolkit has been created as a way to help you design better-gamified solutions. It is based on my Gamification Design Framework, a systematic way of building solutions that I have developed over the years.

You will find worksheets, tools and advice on going through the process step by step.

Worksheets are made to be printed on A3 paper ideally, giving you plenty of space to write on or attach sticky notes too.

If you have any gamification cards (such as my inspiration cards), they can help you when considering the game elements that might be used.

This is first and foremost a tool, one I have used successfully over the years in various forms. I want you to use it, adapt it and make amazing products with it.

The kit includes the following printables:

  • GDF Canvas
  • User Journey Planner (2 versions)
  • User Journey Adventure (a bit of fun)
  • Action / Feedback Loops Planner (2 versions)
  • Periodic Table of Gamification Elements
  • Emotions, Feelings and Fun Checklist
Gdf canvas filled 500x345 19 99 Gamification Bundle Even Ninja Monkeys eBook Cards and Design Toolkit
Gamification Design Canvas

If you purchased the original planner, you will be getting a copy of this free via email, so no need to buy it again.

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