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Gamification can be so much more than points if we let it.

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Just a short plea to the games based solution industry, be it gamification, serious games, VR whatever.

If you are going to use gamification as a selling point, please (please please please) don’t use a phrase like “we gamified the experience by adding points”

I was recently on a webinar where a developer was showing off an amazing VR experience, which had narratives and gameplay and was really superb. They then used the above phrase. “We gamified the experience by adding points”.

This devalued everything they had done and everything we as an industry try to do. The whole of their experience was gamified or even further a full serious game.

Gamification can be so much more than points and badges, I have sounded like a broken record on this topic since about 2012, as have many in the industry, yet still it keeps coming up.

Don’t devalue what you are doing!

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  1. Avatar Rob says:

    We’ll probably never say it enough! Just like when in class I tell the students that their grade is not the objective… it will still be but it is our task to show them what is really important and to keep on saying it.

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