2 New Podcast Episodes – Our Methods

I wanted to share these two podcast episodes in one post as they cover the same topic but from both our perspectives. The first episode “The Method to Andrzej’s Madness” discusses my approach to designing gamification, stepping you through my Gamification Design Framework (available here 😉 )

In the second episode, for the first time ever, Roman talks you through his gamification design phases and micro phases.

Both methods have a lot of cross-over and cover an enormous amount of design ground for gamification and behaviour change programmes.

“Then the second step of the second pillar, we call them pillar. Actually, these are the pillars of gamification is information transparency. So what we mean by that is the overall context built in a way that you have always the feeling that you know, where to get the information that you need to progress, what to do next, whatever, because the problem is what we have found out.

And that’s something very straightforward that it can look at that you can find out if your observed games is that. If, and this is something that I really find interesting. We believe always there, people want to win, but if you look at games and sports and hobbies, so all the game, like situations, we realize that people fail most often within these situations.

Okay. They go game over whatever, but they don’t experience it as failing. So why is that? And the point is from our research is that if people believe that they had all the information available, That they need to be able to progress and then fail. They are not disappointed because they think, okay.”

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