Love, Death, Taxes and Gamification: Episode 4 of The Andrzej & Roman Show

Man, episode 4 was a lot of fun to record! Roman and I discussed our dream gamification projects. He wants to take on the Tax system in some really cool ways – some that could definitely work as well! I want to work on a project that uses games to teach the value of money to kids – not how to save, but how to appreciate money. I spoke about my own efforts with Roblox and my kids.

Then we discussed some of the things we definitely would not try to gamify – Funerals being one of them. This led to some fun, if dark, conversations about what a gamified funeral might look like…

Listen to find out more!!

You can listen on loads of services – here is a central link to get to them all ––Death–Taxes-and-Gamification-e1hr3lp

You can also listen to it on Spotify

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