Review: Eating Robots by Stephen Oram

34761663 Review Eating Robots by Stephen Oram

For openness, I was sent a copy of the book to review.

A rare book review from me. Every now and again, thanks to previously running a review site, I get asked to review stuff. In this case, it was a book of short stories titled  Eating Robots and other stories, by the author Stephen Oram.

I love dystopian stories, having even written several myself in the past. For me the future is anything but bright, depending on how you look at it.  One of the best representations of using this dystopian “lens” has always been the T.V. series Black Mirror from the brilliant Charlie Brooker. Read More ...

Activity Loops in Gamification

Activity Loops Example Activity Loops in Gamification

Many moons ago, I wrote a piece on Feedback Loops a system used in games to help balance or unbalance a system. Whilst I was designing the boards for my gamification inspiration cards I started playing around with the idea of activity loops. These are essentially the same idea as feedback loops, but rather than balancing or unbalancing a system, they are used to encourage a user along a desired path of activity. They do not make it easier or harder to achieve my goal, they encourage the user  to achieve a goal. Read More ...