If you have nothing to hide, then why so worried?

With all of the recent press about Google Streets and them ‘spying’ on our lives, I got to thinking. What have the people of the uk got to hide?
Google Streets vans are going up and down the country taking snapshots of roads, towns and streets. Single frames from peoples lives. Now why are people so scared, what are they hiding that a single snapshot could reveal? A man got caught with a woman he wad not meant to be with, someone was snapped being arrested and much more.

On the flip side we see kittens crossing roads, people going about their everyday, legal, business.

The same is true of cctv. The idea is that we are kept safer on the streets but we see it as some kind of orwellian invasion of privacy.

Now I am not saying I want cctv in my house! 
Admitedly google have the responsibility to protect our privacy. The guy being arrested may well have been innocent, so they need to make sure that they get their face and number plate recognition stuff 100% right!

What I am try to get at is, maybe we should consider that if we have nothing to hide, we have nothing to worry about!

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