What kind of ridiculous society do we live in.

I just had to get this off my chest, and I know it will take more than 140 characters!

I have just been walking into work and saw a small boy standing at the side of the road. He had no parents near by, nor did he have anyone looking for him.

What was my first reaction, was it to go and see if he was lost (as he was about to walk into the road) ,or was it to walk on by for fear of being labeled a child molester. You got it, I started to walk on by, just looking at him and wishing I could help.

Luckily common sense kicked in and I walked back to make sure he did not step off the kerb. As I did so a woman came out of the school, looking horrified at me walking towards the boy, and shouted to him that she would come over to help him find his Mummy. She actually pushed passed me to do this, as if I was mere scum in her way to the boys rescue.

So I ask you. What ridiculous society has us trained to fear helping people in case others think we are trying to harm them. What ridiculous society would see a woman push a would be helper out of the way in order to 'protect' a child.

Truth be told if he had stepped onto the road, she… with her child and pushchair in tow … would never have got to him in time.

So from now on the political correctness brigade be damned. If I feel someone needs help, I will bloody well go and help them and if you are to scared to do the same then you should be as ashamed of your selves as I was of myself today!

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