If you want good review scores, make good products.

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This is a bit of a rant, but here goes.

I was recently questioned about my ability to review a product objectively (possible inadvertently).  Now as someone who has written one or two reviews, this came as a bit of a shock.  I always thought I was impartial.  I write reviews based on their merit and compared to other products I know.

So I got to thinking what could have spawned this question.  Then I looked at the links I sent them, quite a few of which were Steelseries reviews.  And then I understood.

I have reviewed mice, headsets, keyboards and mouse mats from Steelseries.  They all got high or very high scores.  I even admitted that I liked their products a great deal.

I just wanted to say here, that is not because they are made by Steelseries.  It is because they are very good products.  They sit in a market place between consumer and pro gamer and they fill that space and price range very well.

Other products review well also, but I can only benchmark value, features,quality and target audience against products I have reviewed.  Where mice are concerned, at this point that benchmark is the Steelseries Xai.

That is not to say it is the best available on earth, or that it is the best for every gamer.  However, in my current experience, based on products I have reviewed – looking at them on their merits, I have deemed it best.  And no, I am by no means an expert.

I look forward to finding the next best one, I really do.

As a reviewer it concerns me when I am questioned in this way.  Not because I am offended (although I was a little) but because I have to call into question the motives of the questions.  Are they affraid that they can not compare to products I have reviewed and will in turn get a less than positive review?

The crux of this rant is, I can only review based on my experience.  All products will be reviewed based on their own merits.  Quality, value, features, target audience etc. If the product is good it will get a good score.  If it is good, but not as good as other products in the same price range or market space – again based on comparative quality, value and features –  it will get a slightly reduced score.  I have to add, almost all companies I deal with know this and are great!  

If you want good review scores, make good products.

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  1. August 3, 2011

    […] get me wrong, I stand by all of my reviews, as I have said before, you can only review based on what you know. You can only compare products against ones you have […]

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