Discovering the Game-Changing Power of ChatGPT!

I caved and tried ChatGPT and my good god it is game changing! Just Wow!!!

Can it Code?

I started with simple stuff, but quickly moved on to asking for some really specific responses. First – I asked it to create a Javascript that waited for an element to exist on a page. It delivered. I then asked if it would optimise the code for me. It did. I then asked it to create a web page that documented the function and had a functional demo on the page. ChatGPT delivered.

I then tweaked some of the styles and a little bit of code to my taste, but again, I asked the AI to help. I ended up with this page –

Can it Write A Song?

I then decided to see how well it understood music – so asked if it would write me a new Green Day song with chords – so it did!

Verse 1:
(Em, C, G, D) Walking down the street, I feel the weight of the world
(Em, C, G, D) It’s a heavy burden, I can’t seem to shake
(Em, C, G, D) But then I see her, she’s got a smile that shines so bright
(Em, C, G, D) She lifts me up, I forget about the pain tonight

(C, G, D) She’s got a heart of gold, she’s got a light that shines
(C, G, D) She’s my beacon in the dark, she makes everything alright
(C, G, D) I’ll never let her go, I’ll always be by her side
(C, G, D) Cause she’s the one that makes my heart come alive

It won’t win a grammy – but still!

Can it Make A Game?

Next I thought it would be worth giving it a challenge. I asked it to build me a game of Pong in HTML5, with a timer and a level, increasing the speed every 20 seconds and have keyboard as well as touch screen controls. Guess what… It mostly managed. I had to tweak the code to make the speedup work – but again, I used ChatGPT to advise me

Can it Write a Blog?

This is when lazy Andrzej came out – I wondered if it could write me a blog about Fuzz pedals, giving examples and so on. The result is here – I added the images, but the text is all ChatGPT.

It is very generic, but it is ok. I also asked it to create me SEO optimised keywords as well as an expert.

Can it do Gamification?

Finally, I asked for it to “design a reward system that would help encourage users to add good quality reviews on a website” and this is what it said

Here is a possible design for a reward system to encourage users to add good-quality reviews on a website:

  1. Points system: Assign points to users for each review they add to the website. The points could be awarded based on the length and quality of the review.
  2. Level system: Implement a level system where users progress based on the number of points they earn. Each level unlocks new perks, such as exclusive discounts, early access to new products, etc.
  3. Badges: Award badges for specific achievements, such as writing the longest review, writing the most helpful review, etc. These badges can act as a form of recognition and motivation for users.
  4. Leaderboard: Create a leaderboard that displays the top contributors based on the number of points they’ve earned. This will provide users with a sense of competition and encourage them to write more and better quality reviews.
  5. User Feedback: Allow users to provide feedback on each other’s reviews, such as “helpful” or “not helpful.” This will incentivize users to write high-quality reviews that will be well-received by their peers.

Note: To prevent fraudulent activities, the website can implement a verification process to confirm that the reviews are written by real users and not bots.

Again – generic but not wrong – like so many blogs I see about gamification on the internet these days!

All in all ChatGP has made me realise just how helpful AI could be in the future. I also discovered I often say please and thank you in my questions!

There is a way to go, but wow for now!

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