Web design, when did the rules change?


Andrzej Marczewski

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  1. Flash had always been a bad idea to make a website in main due to nobody impliemented it correcetly for screen readers or for SEO purposes. It was also bloated and did require an extention for your browser to make it work; extra steps make for a bad move. The file sizes weren’t that tiny; talking 1MB on dialup was a heavy load, some of these early Flash pages could amount to around 3-5MB. It allowed developers to be lazy.

    HTML5 was first proposed way before the iPhone, and XHTML became a fixed standard, I think, 2-3 years previous. It wasn’t a case of XHTML was too hard to understand but it didn’t have the flexability that HTML5 now provides (which, by comparison, is harder to understand what exactly what constitutes an and what’s a for some people as apposed to just adding XML like standards to HTML that many still do with HTML5).

    AJAX was never a bad thing; it was just badly implimented by people (hash-bangs and not using the browser back-button correctly).

  2. Roel VossenRoel Vossen says:

    The rules of web design did not change as much as the rules of web development.


    Roel Vossen

  1. December 21, 2012

    […] Web design, when did the rules change? […]

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