Web design, when did the rules change?

When I first started in web design things were different. We only need to worry about HTML 4 and 2 browsers. We concentrated on quality of the content as that was pretty much all there easy. Content was front an centre.

Then flash came along. Suddenly we had a way to integrate really rich media and interaction in out web pages. With a tiny download, we could have cross platform compatible sites, that look the same in any browser and would deliver the same experience to all.

Then Steve jobs decided that Flash was bad and suddenly everyone jumped on his shity band wagon and started to get rid of flash. Instead they created a new version of HTML (because XHTML was too hard for them to follow) and instead of having to just download a tiny plugin, you had to totally change your browser to get things working. Read More ...

The rise and rise of the web developer

1213666 world wide web The rise and rise of the web developer

In the Beginning there was HTML

When I first started out in web design, things were different.  It was like the wild west - small groups of frontiers men still dipping their toe into the waters of what was possible.  It was a fairly well established industry at the time, but it was something that the general public didn't get all that involved in.