What if they don’t want to play?

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Andrzej Marczewski

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10 Responses

  1. Really difficult to get students to engage with game when they are in the previous years before university, they are only thinkig about results and find games a waste of time. I will follow your tips, and let’s see if progressively they forget about marks. Greetings

  2. Jorge Sim esJorge Simões says:

    “Some men you just can’t reach” – was it on “Cool Hand Luke” with Paul Newman?

  3. Gamification NationGamification Nation says:

    Thanks for sharing. Good gamification design is tapping to ppl’s intrinsitc motivation

  4. Enrique CachafeiroEnrique Cachafeiro says:

    This school year I am actually having the opposite problem. The game is so engaging apparently that the kids are engaging with it more than the class or the content! I still have some kids that are not interested in the game but it is a small minority while the ones that are are have been caught in other classes discussing game strategy, making alliances and sending negotiation e-mails back and forth.

  5. Mario HergerMario Herger says:

    My answer to that is:

    First, we are not creating a game. We are creating an affordance to a gameful experiece, where the user decide if they enter a playful mode or not.

    Second, it’s not about playing but about behavior change. Amazon, LinkedIn, Frequent Flyer programs etc. are all gamified systems, and the very people asking this question in every single case that I encountered had used those systems. Yes, they had filled out more of their LinkedIn profile than they originally wanted, yes, they keep shopping on Amazon, yes they fly always the same shitty airline because that’s where their miles are… Becoming aware of this was always followed by silence.

    Gamification got you already! And if you are not a gamification designer, you normally won’t realize that you are interacting with a gamified design.

  1. February 20, 2014

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