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As you may have noticed, for the first time in over a year – there is no blog this week. The reason is two fold.

1. I have been insanely busy!

2. My spare time has been spent finally finishing up my second – as yet untitled – book!

So, instead of a blog, here are some random bits of development stuff from the book :). It will be available soon on Amazon as an eBook and I am trying to make sure that it is available in print (through self publishing). More info soon 🙂

Cover Ideas

Title Ideas

  • Gamification: Get Serious and Start Playing
  • Gamification: How to hold your own in conversation
  • Ninja Monkeys Rule: Gamification…
  • Game Thinking: Gamification and Games Based Solutions
  • Gamification: An Insiders View
  • Gamification: How do sound smart… :p
  • Gamification: Understanding the power of game based solution design

Contents Page

Defining Gamification
Game Thinking
Play, Games and Playfulness
Intrinsic Motivation RAMP
User Types
Rewards and Leaderboards
Feedback and Getting Rewards Right
The User Journey
Goals, Activity Loops and Flow
Game Mechanics
Gamification Mechanics and Elements
Neurotransmitters in Gamification
Design Tips
Modelling Systems

Bit of the Forward

I have always been a gamer. One of my earliest memories is of playing games on the Mac II that my dad had been lent from work, Star Trek I believe. Since then, games had always been a big part of my life. At university I discovered the joys of clan based gaming when I joined the Elites of Starship Troopers playing Starship Troopers: Battlespace on the AOL network 1. This led me to starting my own clan, Rages Renegades. I will speak more about this later, but those years were important to me in ways I could never have realized!

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  1. Avatar Noé Cazin says:

    Can wait to read-it. Looks amazing ! Do you have any idea when it will be available ?

  2. I like this one the most: Gamification: Understanding the power of game based solution design, but definetely put the nunja monkey on the cover 🙂

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