Gamification User Types HEXAD Validation Study

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HEXAD Validation Study

Andrzej Marczewski

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4 Responses

  1. Do you have any idea why design elements suggested for philantropist seems not to fit? I also wonder why “meaning/purpose” have been left out from the study (but appearing in your cards). That would seem quite obvious for philantropist. And I regard it as one of the most important aspects especially in “serious” applications. “Care-taking” was also replaced by “administrative roles” – you can ask which one is more “philantropic” way to phrase it?

    I also noticed that only one (or two?) disruptor participated in the study. I would not draw too much conclusions on that part of the study

    It is great to have this kind research anyway.

    • Hi.
      I have been wondering this. The simplest answer is how do you test for meaning and purpose. They are not mechanics, but more feelings and emotions that arise from context and personal circumstance. It is a limitation of this type of study I feel as I am not sure how you would test it!

      I fee that anecdotally I have seen enough to still consider the choices I made for philanthropists as valid for use – but that is no scientific measure!

  2. Great! Academic validations of these ideas always help to further the possibilities in the field. Congrats!

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