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What’s With the Ninja Monkey?

A question I am asked a lot (I get asked all sorts, you may have noticed), is why did you call the book Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play? There are actually two answers to this, the “official” one and the “Unofficial” one. The official one is in the book...


As Promised – Signed Books for Sale

Hi all. Just a quick one here, as many of you know who were at GWC16, I was waiting for a shipment of books to sell there. Well – I finally got them at the end of last year. If you would like to purchase one, please fill in the...


10 Top Gamification Tips – And A Question

Hi there you lovely, lovely gamification enthusiasts! First off, I wanted to collate 10 tips for gamification greatness that I published on Twitter not long ago. Keep these in mind and you are destined for great things… probably. Recognise don’t bribe. Challenge don’t patronise. Focus on solving the problem not...


Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play: Errata

I would like to thank Alisa Odincova for pointing out an error in the references for Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play. “[…] a word like “game” points to a somewhat diffuse “system” of prototype frames, among which some frame-shifts are easy, but others involve more strain” Ludwig Wittgenstein Marczewski,...


How I Published a Book for Under $70

As you may have seen by now, I have a new book out! If you had managed to miss that, check it out here 🙂 The purpose of this blog is to give a quick overview of how I got it finished and published in print and ebook formats. This...


The Book is Out

So then, it is finally available. Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play is out in paperback and ebook formats from Amazon. Amazon.com have it in stock now.


No Blog Post – New Book

As you may have noticed, for the first time in over a year – there is no blog this week. The reason is two fold. 1. I have been insanely busy! 2. My spare time has been spent finally finishing up my second – as yet untitled – book! So,...