Hexad 2 What does HEXAD stand for

What does HEXAD stand for?

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A question no one has been asking was “What does HEXAD actually stand for?”

Well, I thought it was time to make something up to satisfy that question that no one wants the answer to!

First off, Hexad just means a group or set of six – that is why it was chosen. I needed a name for the User Types for various papers that were being written, and with the help of Dr. Barry Herbert – I settled on Hexad!

However, I don’t like leaving things without some deeper meaning, so have been trying to see if I could make a meaningful  acronym from HEXAD. So here goes;

Human Engagement, eXperience and Activity Design.

Contrived, yes. Accurate, actually yes!

The HEXAD was built as a tool to help people better understand their users, but more importantly, it was designed to help people create better experiences for those users. Combined with the gamification elements and mechanics I have spoken about in the past, you can get an idea of how to design engaging activities and experiences for people (humans).

So what started as a personal challenge has actually ended with something that does define, at least partially, the User Types!

Hexad 2 500x454 What does HEXAD stand for

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  1. Avatar bastiaanreinink says:

    Interesting concept. How do I use it?

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