10 Top Gamification Tips – And A Question

Hi there you lovely, lovely gamification enthusiasts! First off, I wanted to collate 10 tips for gamification greatness that I published on Twitter not long ago. Keep these in mind and you are destined for great things… probably.

  1. Recognise don’t bribe.
  2. Challenge don’t patronise.
  3. Focus on solving the problem not on forcing fun.
  4. Record everything you can, but be sure to define clear metrics to measure success and failure.
  5. The rules of the system need to give everyone the same opportunities to thrive.
  6. Let people fail, but make sure they can learn from it.
  7. Gamification should enhance, not annoy.
  8. Bring your solution together with a strong theme and narrative.
  9. Collaboration will encourage a more diverse group of players and deeper engagement than pure competition.
  10. Gamification should be an intrinsic part of the design, not an aesthetic afterthought.

Secondly, I am starting a new book and have a question for you. It is a companion book for Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play, focusing on the practical aspects of gamification. It is going to be shorter and will have less of an academic feel (don’t look for  along citation page at the end).

Here is how you can help me!

  1. Is there anything in the previous book that you would like to see expanded on with a more practical slant?
  2. Is there anything that you feel should be included in a practical book on gamification that I didn’t speak about previously or that you just want to see?
  3. Is there anything that I have written on the blog of late that you feel would make a nice chapter in a new book?

If you could leave your answers in the comments section, I would be eternally grateful and you may even get a mention in the book!


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2 thoughts on “10 Top Gamification Tips – And A Question”

  1. Dear Andrzej,
    one of the important and challenging issues that companies are asking gamification consultants is the ROI analysis and prediction of a loyalty project using gamification as methodology.
    This is an issue to address at your new book and thank you for asking our view.

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