Game Based Solutions – Focus on Outcomes not Methods

After a lovely 3-week break from writing (my longest since about 2012!!), I am back.

I will get back to the “Introduction” series next week and will hopefully compile them into a new book soon as well.

But I wanted to just share a little thought with you.

Gamification, as a term, seems to be getting less popular. Sure, it is still getting search a lot, but I am seeing fewer people using the term to sell products. It is often relegated to the second or third thing on their list if selling points, rather than the first thing as was popular a few years ago.

Gamification Google Trend 2019 1024x300 Game Based Solutions Focus on Outcomes not Methods
Gamification Search Trends from Google

This is exactly what I have predicted in numerous posts and interviews over the years and fills me with happiness. Why? Because it means that gamification is no longer a trend, it is becoming part of good solution design. That said, I am a little disappointed that it has still not made it into the Oxford English Dictionary (see the header image)!

However, there is still a familiar issue, one that I have been fighting for years. The need to talk more about the method of solving problems than the objectives and outcomes of solving the problems.

This is why I often talk about Games Based Solutions rather than specifically gamification. I solve problems using solutions based on or inspired by games in one form or another. That could be gamification, serious games, simulations, game-inspired design – and so on. The specific method is much less important than the desired outcome and meeting the objectives of the desired outcome!

Don’t get bogged down in terms, let the word gamification pass into natural language and we can all just move on with our lives.

Until then, we still have to keep using it!

See you all soon ?

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