The Mercenary User Type

Mercenary 1481724604 The Mercenary User Type

With the news that a hacker group is using gamification to try and get people to engage in DDoS attacks, I got to thinking about what type of user may wish to engage with this.

Initially, the Disruptor sprang to mind, more specifically the Destroyer type. They act on the system to disrupt it and normally for not very nice reasons! However, there was an issue. Disruptors are self-motivated, they are not there for reward as much as recognition or just plain mastery and enjoyment. So using points and prizes to coerce a disruptor behaviour actually sits more in line with the Consumer type in the Player section of the Hexad. Read More ...

Where is the Killer / Winner Type in your HEXAD?

Dodecad 3 Where is the Killer Winner Type in your HEXAD

This is a question I get asked all the time. “I love it, but where is the Killer/ Winner type?”

The first thing to address here is that Winner and Killer are not interchangeable terms in the world of types. In Bartle’s types, the Killer is a type of player who gets pleasure from domination and humiliation of other players. This is not the same as wanting to win. If winning is what crushes the spirit of other players, then the killer would probably do their best to win – but that is not their driver. Read More ...

Gamification User Types Dodecad – The HEXAD Expansion Pack!

Dodecad 3 Gamification User Types Dodecad 8211 The HEXAD Expansion Pack

Ideas come from the funniest of places. Take this Dodecad thing. I had an email conversation with someone who liked my types, but wanted to change some of the names. I was not into the idea (the names took a really long time to work out!), so politely declined. That’s fine, so is the fact they said that they would go off and make their own with some references and credits to their inspirations. I was  chatting to the ever wise and awesome Dutch Driver about this and he jokingly said “They will make a dodecahedron version”. Read More ...