Gamification User Types Dodecad – The HEXAD Expansion Pack!

Ideas come from the funniest of places. Take this Dodecad thing. I had an email conversation with someone who liked my types, but wanted to change some of the names. I was not into the idea (the names took a really long time to work out!), so politely declined. That’s fine, so is the fact they said that they would go off and make their own with some references and credits to their inspirations. I was  chatting to the ever wise and awesome Dutch Driver about this and he jokingly said “They will make a dodecahedron version”.

That got me thinking. I had been trying to present the twelve user types in my over all set in a neat way. I had circular versions, mock 3D versions, layers and all sorts. For some reason I had never properly considered just having twelve sides! So ten minutes later I presented him with the Dodecad of User Types! It was meant as a joke, but actually looked pretty cool and had an added bonus – it was a simple way to represent all of the types in an understandable way. So, here it is – The Gamification User Types Dodecad

Dodecad 3 500x500 Gamification User Types Dodecad 8211 The HEXAD Expansion Pack
Gamification User Types Dodecad

If you look at the chart, closer to 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock are the Player user types. 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock are the disruptors and the rest are the intrinsic types.

Have a look, let me know what you think!

In the mean time, if I don’t manage to blog before – have a good next couple of weeks, some big news coming in January from me.

Oh and don’t forget – A Ninja Monkey makes a great Christmas present 😉

Christmas monkey 1 500x491 Gamification User Types Dodecad 8211 The HEXAD Expansion Pack
Christmas Ninja Monkey

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11 thoughts on “Gamification User Types Dodecad – The HEXAD Expansion Pack!”

  1. I love this! I am using it in my master thesis. Why are only 6 types in use in nowadays’ questionnaires though? Do you have papers that exluded e.g. Networker etc. from the list?
    Kind regards,

  2. This is a really interesting framework. Now that it is a year old, I wondered if you had any reflections on it. Is it standing the test of time? Has it proved to be a complete picture? How are people using it?

    • Hi there and thanks. People are using the HEXAD successfully it seems. There has been some good research done around it. The Dodecad is a little more complex so isn’t really getting used – I wasn’t expecting it to though 😀

  3. Thank you for this – it is really like a christmas present, because now I can add this new and improved model to my master’s thesis (Fostering motivation with help of Social Gamification in MOOCs – I’m using your User Types as a basis for making it meaningful for the diverse learners). How would you like to be referenced for the use of your diagrams, btw? And do you mind if I’d change colors or other formatting?

  4. I like this version. It’s easy to see all the types on a nice image. Perhaps you could add the note that’s right below it into the image itself; maybe you could add something like a chart legend explaining that white labels corresponds to intrinsic types, blue to player types, and red to disruptor types. Then the image would be complete without the need of an additional note! But it’s really nice. I think you could add it to the summary section of your main User Types page. 🙂


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