New Gamification User Type Test

Test New Gamification User Type Test

Hi all.

Lots of changes on the go at the moment, but one big one is an overhaul of the User Type Test. In collaboration with the Austrian Institute of Technology and HCI Games Group, this new test has been validated and should provide a much more accurate set of results over time. It is early days yet, but the last version had over 4,000 responses – so I hope we can do just as well here.

It will be used for continued research by them (I will link to a couple of papers that have been written about the process once they are available), but also for my own interest. Read More ...

User Types Test: Stats and conclusions

Card image User Types Test Stats and conclusions

Since I first launched my User Types nearly a year ago, I have had lots of great feedback, interesting criticism and a few changes of heart here and there. I have tried to evolve the types and add detail to them, in an attempt to help other people make use of them. The goal was to create a usable framework to help you plan and build gamified systems by identifying a few basic types of users and how to engage them.

Along the way, I seem to have actually made it too complex for many – something than 1.5 tries do deal with (a little). It is also based in part on the stats I have collected from the User Types test that has been running for many months now. So first, some stats. Read More ...