New Gamification User Type Test

Hi all.

Lots of changes on the go at the moment, but one big one is an overhaul of the User Type Test. In collaboration with the Austrian Institute of Technology and HCI Games Group, this new test has been validated and should provide a much more accurate set of results over time. It is early days yet, but the last version had over 4,000 responses – so I hope we can do just as well here.

It will be used for continued research by them (I will link to a couple of papers that have been written about the process once they are available), but also for my own interest.

A couple of things. This test is not a “get out of jail free” card for doing real user research! It can be used to guide or entertain. The fact they are one type or types whilst doing the test, does not guarantee they will be that same type or combination of types during use of your gamified system.

If you do wish to run some research with the test, let me know. I am going to license use of the test for “private” groups. This will allow you to run the test on a special URL and only see results that relate to your test group. The anonymised data will be added to the overall pool of results as well, benefiting the overall research, but it will be much easier for you to understand your own groups. Let me know if you want to discuss this further.

The questions are also now available in Spanish, German, Portuguese and Italian thanks to the efforts of  Gustavo Fortes Tondello of HCI Games Group, Alberto Mora Carreño of Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Lisa Diamond of AIT and Viola Nicolucci. If you want to translate it into another language for me, please do get in touch.

More to come on this over time and more interesting blogs heading your way very soon as well.

Until then, keep on playing people 🙂


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