Achievement, Not Just for Achievers!

Victory Achievement Not Just for Achievers

Achievement is a word that, in gamification especially, has several potential meanings and can cause significant confusion. In gamification, it is often associated with things like points and badges. The same can be said for video games these days (think Xbox achievements and Playstation trophies).

To confuse things more, people can be categorised in gamification and video games (using my user types or Bartle’s player types) as achievers. This makes it look a little like only one type of user will actually experience achievement. Read More ...

An Interview with Richard Bartle about Gamification

20121231 083851 An Interview with Richard Bartle about Gamification

Happy New Year everyone. To start the year with a nice bang, I present an interview that Richard Bartle was kind enough to do with me. You may know the name, without him games like World of Warcraft would never have existed. He also gave us the Player Type Theory. Here I ask him a few questions about his thoughts on Gamification.

How would you define gamification?

In the old days, gamification meant changing something that wasn’t a game into a game. For example, you might have some kind of simulation that you would “gamify” by adding gameplay to it. Read More ...