Treating the Klout

Just recently, Klout in their scoring algorithm. This something changed quite a few people’s scores. Some for the better and some for the worse.

Now you see this proves the point I was making in Catching the Klout. Chasing numbers is, in many ways, pointless when it comes to social networking.

Using arbitrary numbers to check what kind of influence or engagement you have, can only be a small part of the over all picture. This is especially true when the numbers can be affected on the whim of developers at Klout.

Use your common sense when you are trying to quantify the success of social networking for you. If people are talking about you, then that is good. If people share things you do, that is good. If people talk to you about what you have done that they have then shared, this is good.

Now give yourself a sticker and keep up the good work!!

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