Gamification World Congress 2015

Well, I am back from the 2015 edition of Gamification World Congress in Barcelona and what an event it was! The organisers put on a slick, deep and incredibly rewarding conference.

Day one saw a series of workshops, with me kicking off with Gamification Design Thinking. Feedback was positive and personally I had a great time delivering it! I also attended Yu-Kai Chou’s Octalisys workshop as well as Monica Cornetti’s. Both were a wirlwind of useful information!

Day two was the first day of talks. There were many inspiring talks, but two stood out for me. An Coppens did a fantastic talk on the feminine viewpoint around gamification. Lots of food for thought about how men and women differ and how to build for that. She also got us to dance…. for the second year running! The other talk that stuck in my mind was Pete Jenkins’s talk on gamified CRMs. It may have been the “Kerching” sound effect, but it was interesting and opened my eyes to certain possibilities!

The final day of speakers saw a wealth of information getting thrown our way. Gabe Zichermann gave an inspiring opening talk, despite being really quite unwell! Yu-kai Chou – the Tsunami of gamification – gave us a 20 minute tour of Octalysis. Roman Rackwitz and special guest Oliver gave a great double act routine to hammer home the point that points and badges really are not enough! Michael Wu (who I had a horribly embarrassing fanboi moment with…) gave a talk on his innovative gamification spectrum. Marigo Raftopoulos gave us an overview of her amazing research over the last four years, with a talk that I feel was probably the most important one of the day. I was also lucky enough to be speaking as well, an honour of the highest degree!

That evening also saw the Gamification World Congress Awards. A night that bought drinking, dancing and awards! Yu-Kai Chou retained his Guru of the Year title, with Myself and Monica nominated in the top three.

All in all the event was amazing. The organisers could teach us all somthing about how to run a good event – for the speakers and the audience. Speakers were treated like rock stars and the audience were treated to some of the best speakers in our industry and the ever wonderful Bart Briers as MC. I can’t wait for 2016!!!

Here is my presentation from the event. Download it to get the “script” from the notes. As a little aside – the day after I got back, we stopped using Asda and switched back to Tesco! They were very very late with a delivery and the call centre staff could not care less. Loyalty is indeed a fickle thing. Oh and Graham Turner says “hello!”


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